Property services in and around Geneva and Lausanne

KF Courtage Immobilier – experience you can rely on

We take care of everything

Property sale and lettings in Switzerland and abroad in France and Italy.

We have full knowledge of these markets and can advise and support you, helping you to find an affordable property in a desirable and well-connected area.

We are a safe pair of hands for your property search in the Geneva and Lausanne area, whether you’re looking for an apartment, a house or a villa.

We prepare the paperwork and manage all of the sales administration.

We can also take care of property management, playing a role much like the conductor of an orchestra, relieving you of those time-consuming tasks.

KF Courtage Immobilier can also provide management services for property lettings, meeting the needs of owners and tenants alike with an attentive service and great availability.

Management of your property

Finally, Françoise Kaeppeli provides services relating to property development, from land search to property marketing.

She can also provide draft proposals, liaise with the local authority for planning permission and support the architect throughout the project.

Once the project is under way, KF Courtage Immobilier will start preparing for the sale of the apartments, approaching potential tenants and investors.

KF Courtage Immobilier sub-letting

Françoise Kaeppeli manages sub-letting arrangements when required for work transfers or training. KF Courtage Immobilier will put everything in place, providing you with temporary or short-term accommodation that is perfectly suited to your needs.

This type of turn-key accommodation is ideal for expat professionals who travel for work, and we are real experts in this area.

This sub-letting service is suitable for individuals and businesses alike.

KF Courtage Immobilier has worked with many American expats in particular:

Françoise Kaeppeli is well aware of the needs of this client base and the problems they encounter when they arrive from the United States looking for property in the Swiss market.

She also works extensively with professional assignments for American and Japanese clients and is well versed in the property needs of expats.